Stevie Carnell, PhD

Dysphagia Virtual Patients

The goal of the dysphagia patients is to provide speech-language pathology students opportunities to interview patients suffering from dysphagia with a variety of diagnoses and cultural backgrounds. VERG has also explored providing students with the technology to create their own dysphagia VPs to increase empathy. The VPs in this project were initially created in 2011 as part of a Dysphagia Management course here at the University of Florida. Since then, they have been used continually by over 150 students in three countries.

I worked on this project as a graduate student in the Virtual Experiences Research Group at the University of Florida.

:pencil: Publications

Journal Articles

  • Miles, A., Hayden, S., Halan, S., Carnell, S., & Lok, B. (n.d.). What do speech pathology students gain from virtual patient interviewing? A WHO ICF analysis. BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning.

Abstracts, Posters, and Presentations

  • Ward, EC, Rumbach, A., Hill, AE, Nund, R, Goodman, S., Carnell, S., Halan, S, Lok, B (2017). Using different Simulation Learning Activities for Clinical Skill Development in Dysphagia: What works? Oral Presentation, American Speech and Hearing Association, Los Angeles, USA, November 9-11.