Stevie Carnell, PhD


Message Production and Selection Interfaces for Virtual Humans

The goal of my work on virtual humans and message production was to investigate whether virtual human interviews can elicit changes in a communication skills learners’ message production. To evaluate message production and selection interfaces in virtual human interviews, I worked with instructors of healthcare courses to integrate virtual patient interviews into their classrooms.

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Dysphagia Virtual Patients

The goal of the dysphagia patients is to provide speech-language pathology students opportunities to interview patients suffering from dysphagia with a variety of diagnoses and cultural backgrounds. VERG has also explored providing students with the technology to create their own dysphagia VPs to increase empathy.

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Virtual Perspective Taking to Reduce Race and SES Disparities in Pain Care

The goal of this project is to understand and reduce disparities in pain treatment because of doctors’ implicit biases. Previous studies have shown significant differences in the pain treatment given to Black and low socio-economic (SES) patients in comparison with White and high SES patients.

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