Curriculum Vitae

:mortar_board: Education

University of Florida (UF)

  • PhD in Human-Centered Computing (Aug. 2020), Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Lok
  • MS in Computer Science (Aug. 2019)

Samford University (SU)

  • BA in Physics (May 2014)
    • Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science
    • University Fellows honors program

:briefcase: Work Experience

  • Graduate Research Assistant (2014 - 2020), University of Florida
  • PhD Research Assistant (Summer 2018), MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • User Experience (UX) Research Intern (Summer 2017), Facebook

:star: Select Honors and Awards

  • Grace Hopper Scholar (2019), Anita Borg Institute
  • Graduate School Fellowship (2014 - 2019), UF Graduate School
  • Gartner Group Info Tech Fund Scholarship (2018), UF Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering
  • Intern Innovative Idea Challenge Winner (2018), MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Board of Education Summer Fellowship (2014), UF Office of Graduate Minority Programs
  • Velma Wright Irons Award for the Second Highest GPA in the Graduating Class (2014), SU

:pencil: First-Author Publications

  • Carnell, S. (2020). Using Virtual Human Scenarios to Study and Improve Communication Skills Learners’ Message Production. Ph.D. Dissertation, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Department, University of Florida.
  • Carnell, S., Lok, B., James, M., & Su, J. (2019, March). “Predicting Student Success in Communication Skills Learning Scenarios with Virtual Humans.” International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, pg. 436-440. ACM.
  • Carnell, S. & Lok, B. (2018, November). “The Effects of Author Identity on Dialogue for Virtual Human Communication Skills Training.” Intelligent Virtual Agents, pg. 65-70. ACM.
  • Carnell, S., Halan, S., Crary, M., Madhavan, A., & Lok, B. (2015, August). “Adapting Virtual Patient Interviews for Interviewing Skills Training of Novice Healthcare Students.” Intelligent Virtual Agents, pg. 50-59. Springer International Publishing.